Scaling a culture that’s human-first, lessons from Alma’s CEO

Scaling a culture that’s human-first, lessons from Alma’s CEO

Discover why Alma’s CEO turned to GoodToday to build a habit of giving. The team now regularly engages in meaningful workplace conversations and has contributed over $17,600 to various causes.

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The era of profits-over-people is over.

Today’s workforce demands more than just a paycheck; they seek purpose and fulfillment in their careers. A 2022 study by Edelman highlighted that 60% of employees choose their workplace based on personal beliefs and values, yet many feel companies lag in addressing societal issues.

In 2020, Alma partnered with GoodToday to address the challenge of maintaining their culture amidst rapid scaling and shifting to a remote-first culture. Dr. Harry Ritter, founder and CEO, shares Alma’s approach to cultivating deeper purpose with meaningful workplace conversations through their partnership with GoodToday.

Story highlights

  • Challenges Alma faced while scaling nationally during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How habitual generosity shapes team culture and builds bonds
  • The ripple effect after four years of giving with GoodToday

Dr. Harry Ritter, Alma’s founder and CEO, embracing his team at a company offsite.

Meet Alma, a healthcare company on a mission to simplify access to high-quality, affordable mental health care. Dr. Harry Ritter founded Alma after experiencing firsthand the gaps in mental health care while caring for his father and observing the struggles of getting access to quality mental healthcare while working at Oscar Health as Vice President of Care Delivery. Motivated by these challenges, Ritter established Alma to simplify and improve access to mental health services.

Challenges of scaling nationwide

As Alma grew from a small team to hundreds of employees across the country, maintaining culture and connection became challenging. The transition to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic made it even harder.

The expanded and diversified team had to adapt how they embodied their core values to prevent cultural dilution. Remote work created communication barriers, complicating team collaboration and conversations. Additionally, this shift increased feelings of isolation among employees, diminishing their sense of belonging and engagement with the company’s mission.

“GoodToday shows us that it’s not about the size of the donation. It's about building a habit that makes this world a better place.”

Harry Ritter, Founder & CEO, Alma

How habitual generosity shapes culture

In 2020, Alma joined forces with GoodToday to address feelings of isolation and demonstrate their commitment to core values. Alma strongly believes in bringing one's authentic self to work and embracing identities related to religion, race, or country of origin. The partnership with GoodToday felt seamless because they supported various causes and catered to their team’s diverse interests. The integration within Slack made it easy for them to get started.

Inviting a daily habit of giving, no matter how small

GoodToday transforms the concept of philanthropic giving from occasional large contributions to consistent small acts of generosity. Living a life of daily giving––regardless of the amount––instills a vital habit and helps cultivate a sense of purpose. The daily Slack message reminds the Alma team to make their contribution, which in turn helps them become more aware and better individuals.

Meaningful conversations made possible

A campaign about international safe drinking water sparked conversations in Alma’s general Slack channel that wouldn't have occurred otherwise. Through a daily Slack notification, the Alma team learns about different worldwide events and the efforts of nonprofits making a difference. These elements foster a habit of giving and enhance Alma's team culture by sparking meaningful discussions on relevant topics.

Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

At Alma, inclusivity is non-negotiable. GoodToday’s platform features a diverse range of causes, ensuring all employees feel seen, heard, and validated. Employees engage with significant observance days such as Mental Health Awareness Day and Holocaust Remembrance Day and participate in themed monthly giving initiatives, including during Black History Month and Women's History Month. This then becomes part of the ongoing dialogue within the organization and about coming together on what unites us.

Four years later, the impact continues

At the heart of GoodToday lies a powerful message: philanthropy is not about the size of the check but the consistency in our commitment.

Not only has GoodToday helped Alma embody their core values in a meaningful way, but it has boosted employee engagement by at least 25% and invited meaningful conversations. With over $17,600 donated to various causes; Alma lived up to their promise of building a culture that’s human-first.

"While we can’t control everything in this world, we can strive to make it a little better every day. I'm thankful to GoodToday for the daily reminder that our purpose is to take small steps toward improving the world."

Harry Ritter, Founder & CEO, Alma

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