Splash’s HR secret to building powerful bonds in remote teams

Splash’s HR secret to building powerful bonds in remote teams

Learn how Splash used GoodToday’s workplace charity software to cultivate a sense of purpose within their remote-first culture. They deepened team bonds and contributed over $19,000 to various causes.

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It’s no secret that employees want more from their employers.

Intertwining meaningful work with social impact is no longer a trend in the workplace—it’s a key strategy in building high-performing teams. A 2021 McKinsey study states, “People who live their purpose at work are more productive than people who don’t. They are also healthier, more resilient, and more likely to stay at the company.”

In 2019, Splash partnered with GoodToday to address the challenge of maintaining connection and cultivating a deeper sense of purpose in their remote-first environment. The impact is long-lasting and the team has donated over $19,000 to various causes. Grace Diaz, HR Business Partner at Splash, shares the key factors that have contributed to the success of our five-year partnership and putting corporate social responsibility (CSR) in action.

Story highlights

  • Challenges that inspired Splash to partner with GoodToday in 2019
  • Shared values that catalyzed the unique collaboration between Splash and GoodToday
  • How integrating GoodToday transformed Splash's workplace culture

The Splash team at a recent company annual offsite in Puerto Rico.

Splash, a prominent Series C event technology platform, has always been dedicated to creating impactful experiences and maintaining a strong culture. Founded by Ben Hindman and Brett Boskoff, Splash began with a simple idea that has since evolved into a powerful platform for helping businesses grow their brands through events.

Challenges faced when transitioning to a remote-first culture

Deeply committed to its values, Splash faced challenges maintaining its strong community and shared purpose as the team shifted to fully remote work. This transition risked diluting Splash's vibrant culture, which thrives on strong interpersonal connections and team synergy.

In response, Splash's co-founders turned to GoodToday in 2019. They liked GoodToday’s simple approach to habitual giving. This partnership reinforced Splash’s commitment to social responsibility and strengthened team connections by integrating daily charitable activities into their workday.

“Engaging with GoodToday brings an incredible sense of fulfillment. It's about creating a habit of giving and observing how that impact unfolds over time.”

Grace Diaz, HR Business Partner, Splash

GoodToday was an ideal choice for Splash due to its alignment with the team's core value of co-creation. By integrating GoodToday directly into Splash's Slack channel, it became a regular and highly visible part of daily team interactions.

The simplicity and asynchronous nature of GoodToday’s Slack app allows for a seamless integration of social responsibility into Splash’s daily operations. This integration boosted employee engagement without disrupting existing workflows and effectively met the team’s desire to contribute to meaningful causes.

Giving supercharges remote teams

New hires are introduced to Splash’s values

Splash integrated GoodToday into their employee onboarding process. Presenting GoodToday’s program to new hires helps create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere. The immediate point of connection introduces new hires to Splash’s values and culture from the start. New employees show visible excitement and positive reactions when getting started.

Employees have a voice in giving

GoodToday’s model fosters collective decision-making and shared impact. Employees are prompted with a curated cause and two charities to vote between. They can also submit their preferred nonprofits. Voting for and nominating nonprofits influences culture and provides leadership with insights into the causes important to their team.

Gamification cultivates team spirit

The gamification features boost healthy competition and enhance team spirit. Employees enjoy seeing their names on the leaderboard and where they rank. This promotes a sense of unity and shared purpose while demonstrating their collective impact in real-time.

Remote teams unite over lunch

During the 2020 pandemic, virtual events were pivotal in building community and shared purpose among Splash’s remote employees. GoodToday hosted a memorable Lunch and Learn with Splash’s Mother Earth task force and the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust in Kenya. It was a powerful reminder of the team’s shared humanity and created unexpected personal connections. For example, they discovered that one of their colleagues was from Kenya—a fact no one knew before. When the world seemed darker, these moments brought a necessary light and break to Splash’s daily routines.

Deep Connections and Lasting Impact

"GoodToday has quickly become the most engaging company culture program we’ve ever run. All with virtually zero time invested on our side."

Ben Hindman, Founder & Chairman, Splash

Despite the availability of various charitable platforms, GoodToday stood out to the Splash team because of the meaningful connections it fostered.

Integrating daily charitable activities into Splash's workflow has boosted employee engagement by 30% and strengthened the company's core values, which is especially important in a remote work setting. With over $19,000 donated to various causes, Splash has demonstrated significant impact and dedication to making a difference.

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