How UiPath responded to the Ukraine war crisis.

How UiPath responded to the Ukraine war crisis.

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UiPath’s quick response to a crisis by using the GoodToday platform

UiPath, a global technology company with employees in over 45 countries, had a culture of giving with employees eager to give back. The company was already working with a variety of CSR platforms, but none were equipped to set up campaigns and run them within a matter of minutes. Jessica Nolin, Head of Social Human Responsibility, heard about GoodToday and wanted to integrate this agile approach of regular giving with the idea that Giving Tuesday could happen not just one day of the year, but every Tuesday to support a continuous culture of giving back.

Empowering employees to choose the charities UiPath gives to

As a Pledge 1% company, UiPath was looking for a platform that would empower their employees to donate to causes they care about and to be able to respond quickly to a crisis. Sarah Alper, VP, GTM Finance, expressed her appreciation for how GoodToday and UiPath helped support a cause that was very meaningful to her. “I am so thankful to GoodToday! I reached out to the GoodToday folks to nominate The Adoption Hope Foundation, and within a short turnaround time, it was featured on the GoodToday Slack app for donations! This is an organization near and dear to my heart as I was on the Board of Directors when it was initially founded, and it has fundamentally impacted my life.”

Daily giving during times of crisis

GoodToday was the catapult to UiPath establishing a successful and comprehensive open platform employee giving program that reaches over 4,000 employees around the world. After running the program for a few months, UiPath faced its biggest challenge. The war in Ukraine began and UiPath and its employees wanted to quickly respond to the needs of the people in Ukraine, some of whom are UiPath employees. They found that the easiest way to support at scale was using the GoodToday platform.

“The simplicity of the platform enables anyone to launch a successful campaign effortlessly.”

Jessica Nolin, Head of Social Human Responsibility

“The simplicity of the platform enables anyone, even those without expertise, to build, and launch a successful campaign effortlessly,” said Nolin. All she had to do was send an email requesting the campaign to the GoodToday team and through the dashboard choose what days the campaign would run. During the whole month of March, they featured Ukraine-related charities raising over $70,000 company-sponsored employee engagement donations through employees clicking on the slack app for the charity of their choice. Plus, another $4,500 in private donations from employees themselves and overall engagement for the month at an all-time high.

“Whether it is the ease of running time-sensitive campaigns or empowering employees’ passions through the open platform of nominating a cause, we have found GoodToday to be an essential part of engaging our people in our Social Human Responsibility program at UiPath,” said Nolin.

In March 2022, UIPath rallied their employees and raised over $75,000 to support Ukraine.

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