Frequently Asked Questions

How does Good Today work?

Good Today is a subscription charity program making charitable giving easy and meaningful. You choose a daily donation amount starting at 25¢. We send out an email every morning with an overview of two charities addressing the 'Cause of the Day' in different ways. Simply click to direct your donation to the charity of your choice.

Who does Good Today help?

Every day is something different! Whether it’s medical, social, environmental; local or international, Good Today features important causes around the world. We put each organization through a serious vetting process to make sure that your money is used effectively!

Is my Good Today subscription tax deductible?

You bet! Good Today is a 501(c)3 organization, as are all the charities we feature. The monthly receipt you receive via email will also serve as your tax-deductible receipt. Our EIN # is 47-1246504.

When will my card be charged?

Right when you sign up, you will receive a charge on your card for that month’s subscription(or annual subscription if you select that billing option).Your card will then be charged monthly from the day of your registration.

How much of my daily donation actually goes to my chosen charity?

Your daily donation amount goes entirely to the charity you choose, so whether you select 25¢, 50¢, $1 a day or more, that’s all going to the organizations featured in our daily emails. Lastly, the excess on your monthly charge helps us cover our own credit- card fees, upkeep costs, and other operational expenses.

Can I suggest a charity?

Please do! We’d love to hear your suggestions on causes, charities, and more! You can request a charity here, or shoot a note to hey@goodtoday.org. We strongly consider and prefer suggestions, but charities do have to pass our vetting process.

I'm a nonprofit, how can I apply to be featured?

We have a short application you can fill out here. For nonprofits, this is much more effective than just sending us an email.

What happens if I forget to pick a charity one day?

Don’t worry! If you don’t make a selection before the end of the day, your donation will be split between the two charities following the proportions of how the rest of the community gave (i.e. If 60% of the Good Today community gave to Charity A, 60% of all remaining donations will be allocated to Charity A, and 40% to Charity B). The daily Good Today email is sent out at 9am EST and you have till 9pm to choose your charity for the day.

What if I don’t love today’s cause?

Not feeling the cause of the day? You have the option to ‘Rollover’ your allotted daily amount for the next day’s cause.Simply click the Rollover button and build up your fund for the next day! The next time you choose a charity, your entire Rollover pool will be given.While you can Rollover as many days in a row as you wish, keep in mind that if you forget to click or choose a charity one day, your built up funds will be divided pro rata as per usual.

Wanna grab coffee?

We love hearing new ideas and collaborating with the Good Today community. Shoot an email to hey@goodtoday.org and we’ll make it happen. (If you live really far away, then we can drink coffee over Skype.)

How do I unsubscribe?

Send us an email at hey@goodtoday.org and we’ll take care of the rest!


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